The Borough of Glassport

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The Beginning

Originally a part of Port Vue, PA, Glassport broke away from them in 1902 becoming their own Borough.



Glassport was originally named after the Pittsburgh Glass Company, which was located near the Monongahela River on Seventh Street. The company specialized in "pressed glass," tableware, and other glass products made from molds. Unfortunately, in 1963 the Pittsburgh Glass Company was damaged by a tornado, and their 80-foot water tower collapsed through the building's roof. When the high winds did this, all the furnaces shut down and the liquid glass cooled and hardened. Afterwards there was left a 250 ton block of solid glass, making any plans to re-build too costly.

As of today, Glassport has an estimated population of 4,900 citizens.

Glassport's land size is 1.52 square miles.


For more history on Glassport: please visit where you can access a booklet that was designed for the Glassport Bicentennial Celebration in 1976.  This booklet is rich in the history of Glassport.  In addition, the link has additional historical information contributed by the Glassport Development Corporation.

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